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Daniel Trenner demonstrating
a tango leg wrap move.

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Argentine Tango Videos
Follower's Tango Technique --
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argentine tango

Elina Roldán is one of the most complete dancers of the tango's modern age. Her experience in the milongas of Buenos Aires is unparalleled. She is one of the favorites of all the milongueros, old and young. She has also worked extensively as a tango performer in the tourist houses of BsAs, in South America, Europe, and Japan. Videos by Elina are Accompanied and translated by Daniel Trenner.


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Elina's Follower's Technique for Exhibition Dancing.
Elina has huge experience as both a social and performance dancer. Here she shows how you can develop performance techniques that come from, and are true to, the style of your social dance. This video will help you take the subtlety of salon footwork technique, and create your own personal, unique, character for presentation. Includes also three lovely studio performances from Elina with Julio Mendez. (75 mins.)


Create your own personal, unique, character for presentation.

Elina's Follower's Technique in the Close Embrace
Elina offers a fun and detailed analysis of the follower's role, dealing with the real issues that arise for a follower in this style on the social dance floor. She covers posture, walking, ochos and how you can adapt to the style of each leader and still take care of your own dance and safety. Includes two beautiful performances with Daniel in the studio.

More Basic, but still, you learn a multitude of possible variations in building step and figure vocabulary.
tango dance videosFernanda Ghi's Follower's Technique
Fernanda is an exquisite dancer. Here is a careful exploration of her technique for developing secure posture, creating beautiful adornments, and having such delicacy of style.

Includes special exercises for followers for creating beautiful variations to basic steps.

argentine tango follower's technique

Carolina's Follower's Tango Technique

(Diego and Carolina shown at left)
Carolina shares her beautiful technique with great generosity. The Demonstrations and breakdowns of Walking, Posture, Ochos Turns, Ganchos, Boleos, Sacadas and adornments are very clear and easy to follow. And the sections where, with Diego, she examines how ganchos, boleos and sacadas leads are invaluable for both followers and leaders!

Milonga is a fast tango dance style. "Milonga" also means "tango dance party. "

Technqiue and Adornment for Followers with Florencia Taccetti accompanied by Julio Mendez.

argentine tangoFlorencia began dancing tango after a long career as a contemporary dancer. She is a member of the new generation of Argentine dancers creating the renaissance of the tango. In this tape, Florencia explains good posture and balance for dancing, and teaches adornments in walking steps, ochos, and giros; in the sandwich and the calesita. Various adornments are applied to the close embrace style and to milonga and waltz. Includes demonstrations by Florencia with her partner Julio Mendez and also with Daniel. Florencia would like to especially thank her teacher Graciela Gonzales, from whom she learned the basis of her technique. Filmed in 1999 in Buenos Aires. Translated by Brooke Burdett. Produced by Daniel. (approx. 90 mins.)








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