Nightclub Two Step
Argentine Tango

Nightclub two step is a new American dance created by Buddy Schwimmer.Buddy claims to have invented it with his sister in 1965 when he was 15 years old. Nightclub two step is typically to popular, medium ballads with a distinctive "shi-shi-boom" (quick-quick slow) drum beat.

Nightclub Two Step and Tango

Nightclub two step tunes are often used for dancing in Argentine tango style. It is interesting that dance figures used by Argentine tango dancers also work well with nightclub two step. Perhaps that's because Argentine tango music and "nightclub two step" music share a feeling of love, romance, and passion.

The ocho step in tango (usually done by the follower -- where the follower traces a "figure 8" as she steps and pivots) is particularly useful for dancing to nightclub two step music.

Nightclub Two Step Tunes Useful for Tango

To better understand what is meant by nightclub two step, you may want look over the following list of tunes.

If you have a sound card and speaker hooked up to your computer, you can often listen to a 30 second sample of these tunes for free by visiting one of the available online music stores.

In this list, I give the song title first, followed by a dash and then artist. In some cases, there are multiple artists and only one artist renders the song in true "nightclub two step fashion." Sometimes I list the Album title in parentheses. In most cases, I also tell the tempo (speed) of the music by indicating the beats per minute (bpm). It seems that most nightclub two step songs have a tempo of between 72 and 96 beats per minute. Usually (but not always) there is a strong accent on beats 2 and 4 of the music. Sometimes the accent actually falls on beats 1 and 3! In every case, though, you will find either "shi-shi BOOM" or "BOOM shi-shi."

Bitter Sweet Symphony - Edwin Marton bpm=96
Between You and Me - Jennifer Paige bpm=84
A Thousand Years - Sting (Brand New Day) bpm=96
It Must Have Been Love - Very Best of Chris de Burgh
2 Become 1 - Spice Girls
Everything I Do I Do For You - Bryan Adams bpm=72
Amazed - LoneStar, Lonely Grill
Because you Loved Me -- Celine Dion
Be a Man - Aqua bpm=72
Be A Man - Tina Arena bpm=96
Break of Dawn - Michael Jackson
Breathe Again - Tony Braxton
Come To Me - Ricky Martin bpm=96
She Belives in Me - Kenny Rogers
Emotion (New Version) Bee Gees bpm=96
Every Time It Rains - Will Downing bmp=72
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Single Edit) - Bee Gees bpm=84
Heartbraker - Bee Gees bpm = 120 (too fast for most?)
Inside That I Cried - CeCe Peniston bpm=72
Love Me - Bee Gees bpm=96
Love of My Life - Will Downing bpm=84
Love So Right - Bee Gees bmp=84
Love You Inside Out - Bee Gees bpm=96
*Never Let You Go - Allure bpm=72
On the Inside = Mary Jane Girls bpm=72
Real Soon - Will Downing (All The Man Need) bpm=84
Shadow Lover - Mary Jane Girls bpm=96
Shower the People - Kristine Weitz bmp=96
Talk About Us - Jennifer Lopez bpm=96
Two Much Heaven - Bee Gees bpm=96
Waters Run Deep - Kristine Weltz bpm=84
Everything I Do I Do For You - Bryan Adams

A Nightclub Two Step Article

If you'd like to explore nightclub two step more, you may want to read an interview of Buddy Schwimmer, who claims to have created nightclub two step in 1965.. The article also includes an animation that shows the basic footwork used by the leader in nightclub two step.

Just remember when doing nightclub two step, the creator of the dance, Buddy Schwimmer has suggested that various tango steps be combined with two step. This combining of various styles just makes for a richer dance experience. When dancing nightclub two step, be creative. Remember it is a nightclub dance -- not a ballroom dance -- so there is room for a lot of improvisation and creativing. Have fun with it. Don't limit yourself to a constant quick-quick slow rhythm.Mix in some steps from Argentine tango!

Thanks for your interesting in Argentine tango and nightclub two step.