Argentine Tango Class
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Argentine Tango, Sacramento
Tango Class at Sunrise Unity

Tango Class with Meditation

A Meditation & Dance Class at Sunrise Unity Church!
NOTE: This class is currently on hold for the summer.

Argentine Tango & Meditation
Sunrise Unity Church
4440 Marconi Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821

You don't need a partner for this class! Come to meditate and dance! Meditation and Argentine tango are better together! In Sunrise Unity Church in Sacramento, at 4440 Marconi Ave., you can learn both meditation and tango in new "Walking Meditation" class.

Author and dance instructor Phil Seyer put together this unique class calling upon his knowledge of deep relaxation therapy, meditation, Unity principles, music, and Argentine tango.

This class is based on Tango Zen(tm), an original concept of Chan Park In this class, you will have an opportunity to combine Zen and Argentine Tango, achieve balance in mind and body, and learn a new social skill.

The purpose of Zen meditation is to achieve balance, calmness, groundedness, centering, and harmony in mind and body. Argentine Tango is a smooth, romantic form of tango in which two people may enter a "zone" in which they become a single being with 4 legs!

With Tango Zen you put together Zen meditation principles with Argentine Tango dancing. Tango Zen is a walking meditation, together with another person. An added benefit is that after taking the class, you'll lbe ready to enjoy dancing Argentine tango at special tango parties at placed called Tango By the River in Old Town, Sacramento.

Phil Seyer has taught dance for 9 years has dance teacher certification from the Metronome Ballroom in San Francisco. He has an M.A. in education (San Francisco State University) and a bachelor of music education from Valparaiso University. Phil studied Argentine tango privately under master tango dancer and teacher Ken Delmar of San Francisco Tango. . Phil has put together this unique course on TangoZen(tm) calling upon his knowledge of music, dance, meditation, and Unity Principles. TangoZen(tm) is an original concept developed by Chan K Park. ( For more info. on TangoZen, you may wish visit )

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You may call Phil Seyer at 916-772-7555 for more information. Phil Seyer also offers private dance lessons in tango, Latin, nightclub, and ballroom dances. His new website is

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