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These are movies that would be of interest to Argentine tango dancers and other tango fanatics. If you're looking to learn Argentine tango from videos, please see on instructional tango videos .

Assassination Tango

Robert Duvall's fascination with tango finds its expression in this labor of love, a film he wrote, directed, and stars in. Duvall plays a professional hit man on a job in Argentina. Forced to kill time instead of his target, he learns about tango, and meets a beautiful young dancer who teaches him the art. Seeing this precise, passionate dance, one feels no doubt it is worthy of Duvall's obsession. The hit-man plotline becomes less urgent as the movie goes on, and he director's loose, improvisatory approach makes for a certain sketchiness in scenes. But, like Duvall's marvelously odd The Apostle, the darn thing is intriguing. In leading lady Luciana Pedraza, Duvall has found a stunning partner--a slinky tango dancer and a beguiling actress. (One has no doubt she is worthy of his obsession, too.) This is a film from the "uneven" file, but like many such movies, it has its attractions. --Robert Horton

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Sound track from Assassination Tango A reviewer writers: "I really enjoyed the movie, and I liked the sound track, too. I liked this disk because it was more like a tango disk and less like a movie sound track disk. Movie sound track disks tend to have music that adds to the suspense and emotion of the movie. Like I said, I like this disk because it really is a tango disk. I could put it on at a milonga or Argentine tango dance lesson, and people would not identify it as a movie sound track. The various tracks include tango music by great orchestras that many may already have in their collections: Alfredo Gobbi, Angel Vargas, Angel D'Agostino, Ricardo Tanturi, and Carlos DiSarli. There were four pieces actually written by Luis Bacalov for this disk....I regard this disk as a nice collection for people who like Argentine tango music. It makes a good introductory album for those who are starting in tango. This music is for dancing, my friends.