Why Argentine Tango?

Argentine tango is unique kind of tango. It can be romantic — gentle, sweet, and relaxing. Or it can be fast, sharp, and exciting and highly animated. The music is what gives Argentine tango this wide range of expression. As an example, listen to this romantic selection of an Argentine tango piece from Tango For You played at the Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco. Contrast this with the fast, sharp, exciting tango music here. Both selections are from the same music: Adios nonino by Piazzolla.

Alcazar TheaterArgentine tango is best danced to authentic tango music from Argentina. But the dance is so flexible that it can be used with other music, too. For example, Argentine tango also works with night club two step music. For more info. on nightclub two step, see the interview with Buddy Schwimmer, the creator of nightclub two step.