Common Mistakes in Pest Treatment

Pest treatments are now popular around the world because pests are now evolving into stronger and solution-resistant species. Since rodents, bugs, and insects tend to be chemical-resistant to treatments against them, they tend to develop as sturdier and more robust species. It is good news for their species, but lousy news for ours, since that means we have to work harder to be able to fight against them.

Despite the many pest control treatments, why is it that we still suffer from pest invasion all the time? Why is it that it is more challenging to get rid of bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes, and rodents in our midst? Why is it that there is nothing more irritating than having to apply treatments to your home every time, depending on the season?

Aside from these pests’ resiliency, people may have been applying the wrong treatments, too, that’s why pests continue to thrive in different environments. A general rule is that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for all types of pests, more so for all kinds of environments. So, what works against cockroaches will not work for rodents, and what works for the winter season may not work for the summer season. The occurrence of different treatments should be borne in mind, so you don’t waste time and energy in applying ineffective solutions.

Insect invasion getting you flusteredSome of the most common treatments include applying chemical solutions, fixing leaky faucets, and putting up plants around the house that drive away pests. While all these work, it depends on what pest you are fighting against. Are you trying to get rid of rodents, bedbugs, cockroaches, or termites? If you think that any of these solutions can fix all your problems, then you have to rethink your strategies.

If you have been applying treatments in your home and you haven’t found success in getting rid of these pests, probably you have to do things differently. You may be committing mistakes without you knowing about it.

Here are some of the most common mistakes in pest treatment. Try to avoid these, so you get to make the most of the solutions that you apply around your home:

Mistake No. 1: You do not know the real enemy/enemies

One big mistake you are committing is not knowing, exactly, what pests you are trying to get rid of. Sure, you know that you need to get rid of termites in your bedroom and bedbugs in your lounge room, but how about in other parts of your house? Make sure that you make a list of pests that you’ve seen or you suspect to be living in some areas of your home. When you don’t precisely know the pests you are fighting against, you cannot apply the correct treatments. Therefore, spend some time to go around the house and take notes. If you are unsure of insects that you see or sounds that you hear, then consult a professional exterminator.

Mistake No. 2: You only want to apply natural treatments

Natural treatments, such as putting up citronella candles around the house to get rid of mosquitoes, or sprinkling baking soda on ants’ trails, could work, but not if the situation gets serious. When you have a massive infestation of mosquitoes or ants, you will need the help of chemical solutions because these act quick, which, you need when the invasion is out of your control. Also, for termites, you need to apply chemical treatments right away if you suspect you have them in your home. It is because they multiply exponentially in a short period; therefore, you need to get rid of as many as you can right away. When infestation gets serious, you can apply both chemical and natural treatments, so you get the best results that you need to see.

Mistake No. 3: You expect fast results

Remember that pest treatment is tricky. It is because, in some households, Solution A could work; however, in other houses, Solution A would fail to work. There are many factors involved as to why results vary, but possible reasons include differences in species and environment where pests are living in. That is why, when you apply chemical or natural treatments, do not expect to get rid of all pests right away. You need to remember that pest treatment takes time, and you need patience and diligence to get the best results.

It is understandable why many homeowners commit these common mistakes in pest treatment. After all, when you are not a professional exterminator, it is difficult to know how to get rid of pests in your home effectively. Try to remember these tips, so you get the best results that you expect for your home. When in doubt, call a professional because he/she would know what’s best for your situation. It is even worse to do things on your own, especially when you are already fighting against a range of pests in your home.