Easy Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Website

March 2, 2019 Art of Marketing

Would you ever voluntarily do something that leads to a penalty for your website? Of course not! Your team of SEO experts is tasked with using several SEO practices and methods for boosting SERP results and triggering sales of your online business.

However, there have been instances when these internet marketers do site optimization using forbidden or outdated SEO techniques. Call it a lack of awareness or inexperience on their part, such incidents are all too common and lead to the search rankings for your website getting damaged. In worst case scenarios, your site may end up getting banned altogether by the search engine.

What are the common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them?

When your business indulges in such SEO mistakes, it puts you at risk of facing severe pAvoid getting penalized for online marketingenalties that can hamper organic growth for your site. Hence, it is important that you stay aware of the SEO pitfalls to avoid so that your website does not end up facing a ban or penalty from any search engine.

  1. Keyword stuffing

There is a popular belief that when you use the right kind of targeted keywords in your content, it can help bring an improvement to your website ranking. Doing so on a moderate level can also help in generating high-quality content.

However, frequent repetitions of a keyword or using too many keywords in the content actually lead to a drop in the website growth. This process whereby you overload keywords on your website is known as keyword stuffing. It is not a good thing to do and should be avoided.

Identify the keywords that will be a good fit for your website and use them in moderate frequency to maintain a natural flow. You can take help from keyword research tools to get a fair idea on the usage frequency and target keywords to use. Write out your content and then insert the keywords for getting a high ranking. As long as the keyword density percentage appears normal, you don’t stand the risk of an SEO penalty.

  1. Duplication of content

A content that has been duplicated or is of low quality does not make good reading for the website and its subsequent profitability. Low-quality content is one that meaningless, unreasonable, short, and inconsistent with the topic in question. It is not useful for the online presence of your website.

Also, there is the possibility that your website will get de-indexed by the search engine when your content has been copied from some other source.

Hence, the importance of producing high-quality, plagiarism-free, and unique content cannot be stressed enough for upholding the integrity of your website for the long run.

  1. No proper online security

In the modern context, website security is one of the major concerns where the onus is on the site owner to prevent unlawful access to user data by unauthorized individuals with malicious intents. When a website gets hacked, it harms the SEO ranking, especially if the hacker is proficient in implementing black hat SEO techniques for making the maximum purchase out of your website.

Keep the integrity of your website intact and make it secure against such virtual threats and attacks by providing proper measures of security and regular checks and updates. A secure website will allow proper encryption of sensitive data and give it a greater sense of security. This is one of the easier techniques that you can follow for establishing a website with high authority.

  1. Addressing broken links

Broken links are those links that lead users down to an error page or, in the worst-case scenario, nowhere. Your website’s value gets significantly lowered when your users keep hitting an error page by clicking on a link. As the site owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of your links with the help of tools that are designed to scan for broken links on every page of your website.

You can also engage your SEO team for checking the reason behind such broken links with some of the typical issues being moved webpages, incorrect spelling when adding the link, or forgetting that there are internal links to be changed.

A host of other technical issues associated with link buildup can also lead to issues with broken links. By addressing this issue, you can also point out to the search engines that your site does not offer irrelevant content.

  1. Absence of a mobile-friendly website

One of the most common mistakes that site owners make with their SEO activities involves adapting the devices to mobile phones (or a lack of awareness that prompts them to do so).

Analytics Tell You Your Next MoveToday, a greater number of users on the Internet are from smartphones and tablets which translates to higher site visits from such mobile devices. If your online system is not designed to offer cross-platform functionalities, you stand to drop in the SEO index rankings.

A bad experience for a mobile user translates to a poor ranking on the search engine. Ensure your site gives the correct display and functions properly across mobile devices. There are special tools to help you check the functionalities of your website’s mobile version.

  1. You are not using your web analytics tools

When you don’t use your analytics tools for keeping track of your website performance, your online business stands to get punished severely. Web analytics tools are meant for the SEO professionals to collect, measure, and analyze the data for your website to ensure that it has a clear record.

Use these analytical tools on your website for improving traffic from referral sites. These will also give a clear picture of what drives users to your online business, thereby helping you provide greater focus to your marketing efforts.

For this, the best solution is to get in touch with an SEO expert who will guide you through every web analytics tool required to analyze your website’s insights. You can pick from the plethora of the best of New York SEO Services and get the right people to help you save your website from getting penalized.

It is safe to assume that you don’t want your online business to fall prey to any of these SEO mistakes that stand to cause serious harm to your website and business reputation. Whether you choose to do SEO on your own or hire a professional SEO consultant, make sure these pointers are kept in mind to prevent your site from earning unwanted search engine penalties.