Effective Relaxation Techniques for Theater Actors

November 12, 2018 Artistry

With daily life schedules being super hectic, human beings are often stressed with work troubles. There are a lot of pointers that hike up the stress levels such as traffic, work not going in the right direction, family problems and jazz. Eventually, if you are constantly stressed, it starts to come out in a wrong way. Here, by the wrong way means it starts affecting your professional life.

The rigors of acting and dancing live can take a toll on theater actorsFor instance, take up the acting industry. If an actor or an actress is constantly stressed, it takes a toll on the performance of the actor or actress. Further, a lot of studies and researches were carried out considering the similar issue. Famous theater practitioners have stated that stress is theatre artist’s best friend. After a deep study conducted on this issue, the pioneer of New York method acting, Lee Strasburg concluded that stress will affect the professional life of a theater person in a very negative way. It stops the artist from giving in their best.

Thus, he developed a stress regime that was particularly focused on elevating stress from the life of actors which is also practiced by young learners at New York City acting campus as well. He paid his full attention to the evaluation of stressed muscles. These were the neck muscles and the face muscles. Scroll through the entire article to unveil the famous stress regime for all the theatre actors to release the tension.

The Concept of Relaxation

The concept of relaxation revolves around the theory of surrender. An extended explanation of the term includes the series of letting go. But the question arises, you should surrender to whom? In life, you need mental peace in your head, and you can only get it when you earn it. By earning, means surrendering.

Thus, you need to surrender yourself in front of mental peace and calmness. Once you do that, the negative thoughts and the attitude of overthinking will flush out of your system automatically.

You will be able to imbibe a sense of trust. Proceeding, letting go means you need not pay heed to useless things. You need to stop judging and let the things flow in your life.

The Stress Regime

  1. Sleep Ready: The simplest one to start of the list. All you need to do is grab a chair with a backrest. Make sure that the chair has got no armrest. Sit in a position similar to your sleep position. Loosen up the arms and let them fall.
  2. Identifying the stressed muscles: The purpose of this step is to identify those muscles, that are stressed out. Move your arms and then stretch them. Rotate the wrists and your fingers. Try to find out the muscles with stress. Try to manipulate the muscles and untangle them.
  3. Take a look at your face: Physical appearance is really important for all the theatre artists. When you are stressed out, the stress comes out on your face. You need to play with your face muscles by making weird faces. For instance, clutch your jaws, put on a fish face, etc. Try to push your face muscles using your fingers as well.
  4. Let go the emotions: Stress has a sneaky way of coming back. You need to pay close attention to the areas, which are often neglected. Sometimes, stress is found in your throat. Try letting it out by making loud voices or by shouting. It releases emotions and in turn, helps in releasing stress
  5. Practice the regimen: When you have gone through the simple exercise of releasing the tension and stress, you will get accustomed to it. Further, you will be able to perform them anywhere, on the stage whenever you are stressed out. This regimen will get rooted in your subconscious head eventually.
  6. Additional exercises: You have a load of things that can help you out in releasing the tension. You can practice yoga or meditation. The problem is, if you have a trouble mid-performance, you won’t be able to clear off the tension. Thus, this 15 minutes regime of simple exercises, can be done anywhere, on the stage as well.
  7. Concentration levels: When you have a messy head, you won’t be able to wrap your head around your performance and the preparation it requires. Once the stress hormones are out of your system, you will feel relieved and unveil the hidden artist in you.
  8.  Make it engaging: Although the entire routine is amazing, over time, if you will do it continuously, it will become monotonous for you. Instead of losing interest in the routine, what you can do is try different ways of making it interesting.
  9. Nerves should be calm to give a focused performanceBreathe in and breathe out: This technique has been suggested by a lot of artists. Even if you have some anger issues, try giving it some time and then calm yourself down by trying out some breathing exercises. The most famous one is to inhale deeply and then hold your breath for a second. Then exhale the breath. Continue doing so for, and you will feel relaxed. The best part about this exercise is that it can be practiced anywhere.
  10. Imagination: When you try to meditate, people tell you that they tried a journey that eased them out. A similar thing is guided imagery. By far, it is one of the well-known techniques. It hits the chord with all of your senses and helps in the clearing of a lot of other problems as well. It helps in flushing out tension, solving a complex problem or signing off from an overactive mind. Consider a hypothetical situation, where you are surrounded by nature, at your favorite place. You are with a special person under the night sky. Imagine your feet feeling the softness of the grass, and you are in love with this person sitting next to you. It takes you through a journey that your subconscious mind curates. Let yourself be for, and you will be able to figure out the grey areas.In a nutshell, here are all the amazing ways to escape from stress hormones in your system and triumph relaxation before going on stage. Now, it is your time to give it a shot and get the results.