Nightclub Two-Step and Argentine Tango

June 18, 2018 Artistry

Nightclub two-step is a new American dance created by Buddy Schwimmer. Buddy claims to have invented it with his sister in 1965 when he was 15 years old. Nightclub two-step is typical to popular, medium ballads with a distinctive “shi-shi-boom” (quick-quick slow) drum beat.

Nightclub Two Step and Tango

Nightclub two-step tunes are often used for dancing in Argentine tango style. It is interesting that dance figures used by Argentine tango dancers also work well with nightclub two-step. Perhaps that’s because Argentine tango music and “nightclub two-step” music share a feeling of love, romance, and passion.

The Ocho step in tango (usually done by the follower — where the follower traces a “figure 8” as she steps and pivots) is particularly useful for dancing to nightclub two-step music.

Nightclub Two Step Tunes Useful for Tango

To better understand what is meant by nightclub two-step, you may want to look over the following list of tunes.

If you have a sound card and speaker hooked up to your computer, you can often listen to a 30-second sample of these tunes for free by visiting one of the available online music stores.

In this list, I give the song title first, followed by a dash and then artist. In some cases, there are multiple artists, and only one artist renders the song in true “nightclub two-step fashion.” Sometimes I list the Album title in parentheses. In most cases, I also tell the tempo (speed) of the music by indicating the beats per minute (bpm). It seems that most nightclub two-step songs have a tempo of between 72 and 96 beats per minute. Usually (but not always) there is a strong accent on beats 2 and 4 of the music. Sometimes the accent falls on beats 1 and 3! In every case, though, you will find either “shi-shi BOOM” or “BOOM shi-shi.”

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony – Edwin Marton bpm=96
  • Between You and Me – Jennifer Paige bpm=84
  • A Thousand Years – Sting (Brand New Day) bpm=96
  • It Must Have Been Love – Very Best of Chris de Burgh
  • 2 Become 1 – Spice Girls
  • Everything I Do I Do For You – Bryan Adams bpm=72
  • Amazed – LoneStar, Lonely Grill
  • Because you Loved Me – Celine Dion
  • Be a Man – Aqua bpm=72
  • Be A Man – Tina Arena bpm=96
  • Break of Dawn – Michael Jackson
  • Breathe Again – Tony Braxton
  • Come To Me – Ricky Martin bpm=96
  • She Believes in Me – Kenny Rogers
  • Emotion (New Version) Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Every Time It Rains – Will Downing bmp=72
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (Single Edit) – Bee Gees bpm=84
  • Heartbraker – Bee Gees bpm = 120 (too fast for most?)
  • Inside That I Cried – CeCe Peniston bpm=72
  • Love Me – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Love of My Life – Will Downing bpm=84
  • Love So Right – Bee Gees bmp=84
  • Love You Inside Out – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Never Let You Go – Allure bpm=72
  • On the Inside = Mary Jane Girls bpm=72
  • Real Soon – Will Downing (All The Man Need) bpm=84
  • Shadow Lover – Mary Jane Girls bpm=96
  • Shower the People – Kristine Weitz bpm=96
  • Talk About Us – Jennifer Lopez bpm=96
  • Two Much Heaven – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Waters Run Deep – Kristine Weltz bpm=84
  • Everything I Do I Do For You – Bryan Adams


Dancing the two stepJust remember when doing nightclub two-step, the creator of the dance, Buddy Schwimmer has suggested that various tango steps be combined with the two-step. This combining of multiple styles makes for a richer dance experience. When dancing nightclub two-step, be creative. Remember it is a nightclub dance — not a ballroom dance. So there is room for a lot of improvisation and creativity. Have fun with it. Don’t limit yourself to a constant quick-quick-slow rhythm. Mix in some steps from Argentine tango!