Reasons to Take Ballroom Dancing

September 21, 2018 Dancing Arts

With the popularity of television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, ballroom dancing is becoming more popular than it has been in years. However, there are more reasons to take up this hobby than the fact that it is on television.

Intense ballroom dancing moves contribute to exercisePerfect Social Skills through Ballroom Dancing

While some of the older generations were taught how to behave politely in society—saying please and thank you, opening doors for ladies and so on—this is a practice that has lost popularity. Many boys and girls are not taught to act like gentlemen and ladies. They are often left on their own to learn how to relate to the opposite sex.

However, ballroom dancing is an old-fashioned activity and good manners are expected. Far from stodgy, ballroom dancers know how to have a good time and be nice to each other at the same time. They get plenty of chances to practice good manners all night long, which then carries over to everyday life. They also get a lot of practice talking to the opposite sex, learning to feel comfortable with them. Even relationships with the same sex get better. On top of that, dancers meet a lot of other people who have something in common with them: a shared love of dance. Most ballroom dancers like to have fun, and friendships formed in the dance studio often span many years.

Get Physically Fit and Learn Grace while Having Fun

Ballroom dancing is great exercise, burning as much as 327 calories per hour, according to Mayo Clinic. By practicing it on a regular basis (especially in combination with a sensible diet), dancers can expect to lose a little weight and build muscle. They cannot help but become more physically fit in the process—stronger and more cardiovascularly fit as well. This all happens while having so much fun; the dancer doesn’t even notice they are exercising.

With the added strength, improved balance and academic ability to control one’s body, the dancer also learns to be more graceful. They will be able to handle themselves physically better than before in everyday social situations, playing sports, etc. They are less likely to trip or fall, and therefore are less likely to hurt themselves by being clumsy.

Of course, the adage “results may vary,” used for weight loss programs and medications, applies to ballroom dancing as well. We cannot all dance like the world champions, but everyone can gain the physical and social benefits that come with learning to ballroom dance.