7 Best Practices for Staying Fit and Healthy

March 20, 2019 Dancer Diet

Deciding to completely change your lifestyle and become healthier is very easy however, sticking to this decision is the most challenging part. Mostly when people look at what living a healthy lifestyle entails, they get overwhelmed wondering whether it is all possible. The best approach towards healthy living is implementing one thing at a time and making sure that sticks before moving on to the next. Here are 7 practices you can gradually implement for a healthier life, Eat healthilyRead More

Reasons to Take Ballroom Dancing

September 21, 2018 Dancing Arts

With the popularity of television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, ballroom dancing is becoming more popular than it has been in years. However, there are more reasons to take up this hobby than the fact that it is on television. Perfect Social Skills through Ballroom Dancing While some of the older generations were taught how to behave politely in society—saying please and thank you, opening doors for ladies and so on—this isRead More

How to Look Good on a First Date

May 14, 2018 Artistry

It’s your first date: the first chance to make a good impression. Your palms are clammy, your throat is dry, you’ve practiced this scene in your mind a million times before, but still, you feel the butterflies in your stomach. It is the moment you’ve both been waiting for. Depending on how the night goes, this can either be the beginning of all beginnings or the beginning of an end. The right partner will be instantly attracted to the beautyRead More

Things That You Can Do Right Now to Make You a Better Singer

April 25, 2018 Voice Arts

Singing is one of the most celebrated talents, with many people throughout history praising the best singers of any given generation. But singing is also a very competitive industry to be in, with many talented singers entering the industry from all around the world. So, if you are a singer, you need to make sure that you always go to great lengths to upgrade your skills. You can’t remain stagnant and think that you still “got it.” The most popularRead More