What Motivates Dancers

December 14, 2018 Dancing Arts

Just as we distinguish music from sound, we can distinguish dance from movement. What makes music and dance identifiable is the intention, the motivation behind them. No matter how elegantly someone walks down the street, it is not dancing until they intend it to be; the dancer literally wills a dance into existing, simply by wanting it to exist. Whatever they mean it to be, it is. Within the dance universe, motivation plays an even larger role. Not only doesRead More

The Rise of the Waltz – The First Forbidden Dance

July 20, 2018 Dancing Arts

The waltz and rock and roll have a lot in common. When both dancing styles were first introduced, there was disapproval and even antagonism towards them. Throughout history, dance has played an important role in society. People in different cultures have used dance as a form of expression, to celebrate an important event or just simply a form of entertainment. The different forms of dance are too numerous to cover in a short time. The waltz was considered to beRead More

Navigating Tips for Argentine Tango

December 21, 2017 Artistry

Navigation on the dance floor is one of the things that beginners struggle with. It’s a skill often neglected in a lot of tango instruction that just focuses on dance figures. An exception is the series of instructional videos by Daniel Trenner. Below is a sample video from Daniel Trenner and Rebecca Shulman’s Level III instructional video on Argentine tango. This video goes into depth on many advanced tango topics including: Tango adornments (embellishments) for leader and follower Follower’s TechniqueRead More