Tips to Clean Your Dryer & How Often to Do It?

Are your clothes still wet after using the dryer? Isn’t that frustrating? Unfortunately, this situation arrives when you haven’t cleaned your dryer vent for a long period. This also happens when the dryer is not maintained properly due to which it breaks easily.

Many people believe that removing that thick line of lint on the filter would do the job correctly. However, the fact is that cleaning a dryer includes much more than simply the lint-removing.

A dryer vent that is clogged is a great nuisance for anyone. It not only leaves the clothes wet but might also increase your laundry bills to a great extent. When the lint gets deposited in the vent or the hose, the duct gets clogged which also blocks the flow of the air, creating a combustible environment.

Cleaning the dryerLastly, when the inconvenience arises, you are left with the only option of calling a professional dryer cleaning company. However, before that, here are some crucial tips on how to clean your dryer and how often you should do it.

How often should you clean the dryer vent?

Considering an average dryer vent used by a single family, the dryer vent needs to be cleaned at least one time in a year. Again, the cleaning of the dryer basically depends on the usage of the dryer, the number of clothes washed daily, number of family members, number of kids in the family, and much more.

For the small families, washing the dryer once in a year is an ideal way of maintaining the dryer. Similarly, for the large families or having children in the family, cleaning the dryer frequently would be required.

Again, if you carry out bleaching the towels or having dirty and stained clothes frequently would also require cleaning the dryer regularly as this deposit more lint in the dryer.

To reduce the confusion and understand when your dryer needs cleaning, there are specific signals you need to watch for cleaning it.

Signs that indicate the clogging of dryer vent

  • Are your clothes taking time to dry? Check out your dryer vent. When the vent is clogged, it brings moist air to your clothes which should be escaping. Hence, even though you use the dryer 2 to 3 times, your clothes would remain wet.
  • Is your dryer hot on the outer side? After using the dryer to dry the clothes, if the outer side of the dryer is hot, this happens due to the clogged dryer vent which is not allowing the dryer to get adequately exhausted. This not only disrupts your clothes from getting dry but also damage your machine and bring you heavy light bills. Again, it also increases the chances of fire at your place.
  • Facing trouble while opening the vent hood flap? The vent hood doesn’t open when the lint is surrounding the hose of the dryer due to which the flow of air is blocked completely. This would leave your clothes wet.
  • Haven’t cleaned the dryer vent since long? Normally the dryer vent needs to be cleaned on a yearly basis. This would keep the dryer in a healthy state, and it would work properly. So, if you haven’t cleaned the lint from the dryer since long, it is surely going to lead to high repair expenses later.
  • While using the machine, does your machine give out any kind of burning odor? If this is the case, immediately stop with the machine and check if there is any blockage. The lint deposited in the machine starts burning, which gives this kind of odor.

So, if you observe any of these cases with your machine, you surely need to clean it up.

How to clean the dryer vent?

Let’s check out some of the ways of cleaning the dryer vent for effectively maintaining the dryer.

·         Cleaning of the lint trap

This is one of the widely adopted ways of cleaning the dryer vent. Firstly, remove the screen of the lint trap and scrape the layers of the fibers in lint out. With the help of a vacuum hose, remove the particles of lint that are visible stuck inside the lining mesh. After that, if the lint is still there, simply scrubbing the mesh gently using a vacuum or dryer brush. Your cleaning part is completed. Here’s a quick little trick to clean the lint trap for your help.

·         Cleaning the duct of the dryer vent

For cleaning the duct of the dryer vent, firstly separate the dryer and the wall from each other. Also, disconnect the power to avoid an accident. Also, remove the flexible duct from the backside of the dryer. Now vacuum the exterior side of the dryer and other dust particles visible in the duct.

While cleaning the duct, make a gentle spinning for proper cleaning. Vacuum the dryer again, and it is ready for use. However, in case you face difficulty in cleaning the dryer vent duct on your own, there are plenty of appliance repair service companies who can help you with the task in no time.

Dirty dryer ventWhenever a task like this gets a little difficult, or you don’t have enough time, getting external help is always a feasible idea. You can visit and book a quick visit for any technical support for your dryer to save time and effort.

·         Cleaning with a towel, bowl brush, and broom

If you do not have a vacuum at your place, using a towel, bowl brush and broom is also effective in cleaning the dryer.

Firstly, unplug the machine and also separate the vent. Take a bowl brush or toilet brush and use it inside the vent for cleaning. Move it in circular motions well to remove all the possible lint from the vent. Remove the brush. Now take a towel and attach the two ends of the towel using a broomstick.

Insert the towel in the vent and make movements with it to clean it properly. Check the outer side of the vent and remove it too with the same towel. Clean the vent gently. When the vent is clean, cover it again and attach it too. Reattach the dryer too.

It is always important to clean the dryer for properly maintaining it. However, even if after cleaning the vent, the clothes remain wet, your machine is surely in trouble and requires professional help. There are also some cleaning kits that help in effectively cleaning the dryer vent.