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Your Beginner’s Guide to Paleo Diet

June 29, 2019 Dancer Diet

Among its many benefits, Paleo diet reportedly helps in eliminating bloating, eradicating seasonal allergies, clearing acne, sheds a few pounds off your weight, and frees up your migraines. Though there is no guarantee that any of this will happen, doing a cleanup of your diet and focusing on the fresh, wholesome foods represents an idea that should be given some thought.

Rules to keep in mind

There are some basic guidelines that every beginner to a paleo diet needs to keep in mind – replace sugar, dairy, packaged snacks, legumes, and both whole and refined grains with oils, fats, seeds, nuts, eggs, meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. While these may seem very easy to work around, achieving success in the transformation to a caveman will take some doing. Here is a look at some of the guidelines that you need to follow to get started with your paleo diet.

Tango dancers still need to keep a diet regimenDo a clear-out of your kitchen:

Are you aware of the list of foods that are banned from a Paleo kitchen? Packaged foods, milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, vegetable oils, cereals, grains – gather the lot and toss them straight into the trash can. You will be at an advantage if you do this all at once simply by avoiding the possibility of a temptation altogether.

However, if you are keen on taking baby steps along your journey, no problem. Start with one item for the first week and gradually throw the others out in the subsequent weeks until you have reached the stage of a Paleo diet. Whichever option you choose, ensure that the kitchen is restocked with whole foods that will give you plenty of options to work with for designing a paleo diet meal plan that suits beginners.

Ask yourself, what’s my motivation:

For many people, Paleo diet is simply a means of addressing their medical issues while others consider it to be just another way of feeling good. There are others who consider Paleo diet to be the holy grail of healthy eating. You need to understand why you are following this diet in order to determine which of the guidelines to follow. Most importantly, be strict with yourself on these personal rules for at least the first 30 days.

Swear by the 85/15 rule:

The 85/15 approach is expert recommended after the first month of the Paleo diet. This means that 85 percent of the time you will be on a Paleo diet while the rest 15 percent time can be dedicated to non-Paleo stuff such as a hamburger, granola bars, or a drink with your buddies. Pay close attention to how your body reacts to things being reintroduced into the diet. For some, the discomfort may not be worth it!

Take up cooking:

Paleo diet is largely based on whole, fresh foods which make it easier to cook a meal at home than opting for a restaurant takeaway where you don’t have any control over the ingredients. This could also be your opportunity to experiment with some new foods and recipes. Invest in a good Paleo diet cookbook to add more flavor and variety to your diet plan.

A setback or two is just normal going:

It is perfectly normal if you find yourself slipping back into your normal diet after switching over to Paleo. However, don’t take this failure to heart. Look upon it as a learning process and find like-minded individuals in support groups and forums who will help you get back on track and stay put.

Build expertise in decoding labels:

By this time, you are aware that crackers, cookies, and doughnuts are off the grid, but do you know other foods may appear Paleo but are not so? Malt vinegar, soy sauce, dried fruits, nut butter, and numerous sauces and marinades fall in this category. Ensure that you not only read but also understand the list of ingredients while buying a packaged product.

Your plate needs a rethink:

In your childhood, mummy would have taught you to hold half a plate for veggies, a quarter for lean protein, and the rest for filling with whole grains. On a Paleo diet, leave out this place for grains. A balanced plate will have protein in a small portion, a dollop of fat, and lots of veggies that can be used to fill up whatever place you have left on the plate. If you are not able to keep up with the meal planning for yourself, visit www.yourpersonalchef.nyc and book yourself a personal chef in New York who can help you decide what goes on your plate for a successful Paleo diet.

Your pantry needs an oil change:

Coconut oil or lard is a much better alternative to soybean, corn, or canola oil for cooking. These saturated fats of superior quality are a healthy cooking medium because they are stable which prevents oxidation upon heating, a source for harmful free radicals. Lards, or animal fats, have a rich content of omega 3s and a form of fat known as conjugated linoleic acid that is known to assist fat loss. Walnut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil can be used for cold applications.

Add meat to your diet:

People often leave out meat from their diet, thinking it is detrimental to their health. There is no harm in having meat, provided it is of high quality. Processed meat such as hot dogs, salami, and bologna needs to go out and be replaced with wild meat such as pasture-fed poultry, elk, and bison. Wild-caught fish should be the preferred choice when it comes to seafood.

Give your sweet tooth the slip:

At first, many people find it a major hassle to give up on their sugar consumption. For those in the habit of enjoying a treat after dinner, replace the cookies with a healthy option such as fresh fruit. Your taste buds will adjust over time, and your favorite sweet dish will prove too sweet for your liking.

Birthday parties, reunions, family gatherings – these will not go away from your life just because you have shifted to a Paleo diet. All you need to do is research on the kind of ingredients you are consuming. Take a good look at the menu beforehand and take a pick of the options you can turn into a Paleo alternative. Feel free to ask the restaurant people how they prepare things and, if you feel necessary, go ahead and request some changes.

7 Best Practices for Staying Fit and Healthy

March 20, 2019 Dancer Diet

Deciding to completely change your lifestyle and become healthier is very easy however, sticking to this decision is the most challenging part. Mostly when people look at what living a healthy lifestyle entails, they get overwhelmed wondering whether it is all possible. The best approach towards healthy living is implementing one thing at a time and making sure that sticks before moving on to the next.

Here are 7 practices you can gradually implement for a healthier life,

  1. Eat healthily

Eating healthy foods is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy mainly because you are fueling your body with what it needs. However, it does not have to be boring. Most people think that healthy eating would restrict them from eating what they love and subject them to greens all day.

balanced meals to keep fitThat is not the case, all you have to do is make sure that all your meals are balanced and you are eating at your required caloric intake. However, if your goal is to lose weight, you’ll need to keep away from fats and carbs. It all depends on what your goals are.

With this, you should also remember to take your supplements and vitamins for all the added benefits. You can read up more on customized vitamins on mbsf.org/custom-vitamin-packs.

  1. Get moving

With this, I don’t mean working out. You need to keep your body moving more to ensure you are getting all the benefits. You could do this by walking to work when you could drive, standing as you work or tapping your toes occasionally.

This is a good way to burn more calories without working out. You are also able to avoid being sedentary. Just because you work out for an hour per day does not mean the rest of the hours you should be seated and not moving. Moving more is an amazing add on to your daily workouts.

  1. Exercise wisely

There are so many workout routines out there that will promise great results but end up hurting you and leaving you with injuries. Exercising does not have to be hard on you and you do not have to do every workout there is out there. What you should do is evaluate all the workouts you come across and see if it is something that you enjoy doing. This will go a long way to ensure that you stick to it long term.

Decide on how you plan to be working out. You could get a gym membership or just opt to workout from home. Whichever decision you make, you need to ensure you set a time for exercising. This will make sticking to it easier and more fun since you will always be mentally prepared for what you have planned.

Working with a fitness coach is also a good idea. They will evaluate your body and your goals and tailor the best workout that will work for you. Having an expert help you in this journey will also ensure that you keep to the right form when working out. This is mainly to avoid any injuries from occurring.

  1. Get enough sleep

Most people think that working out is what is more important but that is not accurate. You should prioritize your sleep because without getting enough sleep you won’t be in a position to get in your workout as needed. Sleeping is also very vital because this is when your metabolism is regulated, muscles repaired and athletic performance improved.

You should always aim to get in at least 7-8 hours of sleep to ensure you are at your best for the next day and improve your health.

  1. Warm up and warm down

Warming up before a strenuous activityBefore you start any workout, you need to fire up your muscles and boost your heart rate and blood flow.  This can be done by jogging on the spot and doing some dynamic stretches. This will prepare your body for the workout ahead and motivate you to keep going.

After your workout, it is also important to warm down by stretching and doing some breathing exercises. This helps the body relax and loosen up while sending signals that the workout of the day has come to an end.

  1. Meditation and positive thoughts

It is important that you don’t forget to also pay attention to your mental health. Many people focus so much on their outward appearance that they forget their thoughts matter. It is important for you to adopt the habit of meditating and clearing your thoughts to help you think clearer and live a better life.

You should also keep affirming positive words to yourself to keep you motivated and ensure your thoughts are positive. Positive thoughts will always translate into positive outcomes. Keeping this practice will really help on your journey to being healthier and fit.

  1. Don’t compare yourself and don’t give up

Looking at what others look like and asking yourself why you are not there will only derail you from the work that is needed to get there. Some may use it as a motivation to do more and get that body faster, but others will only wallow and doubt their capability.

It is important for you to keep going even when you can’t see any results. The best thing to do is to take health and fitness as a lifestyle. The results will eventually present themselves.

It is very evident that living a healthy and fit life is achievable. All you need to do is put in the work and not give up when things get tough. Doing what you love is very important because it will keep you motivated and keep you going.

You should also remember to write down your goals on paper and create a schedule that you can easily stick to. This is the best way to keep yourself in check and monitor your progress as you go. Be easy on yourself and understand that this is a lifestyle for the long run and not just a quick scheme to lose or gain weight fast.

Easy Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Website

March 2, 2019 Art of Marketing

Would you ever voluntarily do something that leads to a penalty for your website? Of course not! Your team of SEO experts is tasked with using several SEO practices and methods for boosting SERP results and triggering sales of your online business.

However, there have been instances when these internet marketers do site optimization using forbidden or outdated SEO techniques. Call it a lack of awareness or inexperience on their part, such incidents are all too common and lead to the search rankings for your website getting damaged. In worst case scenarios, your site may end up getting banned altogether by the search engine.

What are the common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them?

When your business indulges in such SEO mistakes, it puts you at risk of facing severe pAvoid getting penalized for online marketingenalties that can hamper organic growth for your site. Hence, it is important that you stay aware of the SEO pitfalls to avoid so that your website does not end up facing a ban or penalty from any search engine.

  1. Keyword stuffing

There is a popular belief that when you use the right kind of targeted keywords in your content, it can help bring an improvement to your website ranking. Doing so on a moderate level can also help in generating high-quality content.

However, frequent repetitions of a keyword or using too many keywords in the content actually lead to a drop in the website growth. This process whereby you overload keywords on your website is known as keyword stuffing. It is not a good thing to do and should be avoided.

Identify the keywords that will be a good fit for your website and use them in moderate frequency to maintain a natural flow. You can take help from keyword research tools to get a fair idea on the usage frequency and target keywords to use. Write out your content and then insert the keywords for getting a high ranking. As long as the keyword density percentage appears normal, you don’t stand the risk of an SEO penalty.

  1. Duplication of content

A content that has been duplicated or is of low quality does not make good reading for the website and its subsequent profitability. Low-quality content is one that meaningless, unreasonable, short, and inconsistent with the topic in question. It is not useful for the online presence of your website.

Also, there is the possibility that your website will get de-indexed by the search engine when your content has been copied from some other source.

Hence, the importance of producing high-quality, plagiarism-free, and unique content cannot be stressed enough for upholding the integrity of your website for the long run.

  1. No proper online security

In the modern context, website security is one of the major concerns where the onus is on the site owner to prevent unlawful access to user data by unauthorized individuals with malicious intents. When a website gets hacked, it harms the SEO ranking, especially if the hacker is proficient in implementing black hat SEO techniques for making the maximum purchase out of your website.

Keep the integrity of your website intact and make it secure against such virtual threats and attacks by providing proper measures of security and regular checks and updates. A secure website will allow proper encryption of sensitive data and give it a greater sense of security. This is one of the easier techniques that you can follow for establishing a website with high authority.

  1. Addressing broken links

Broken links are those links that lead users down to an error page or, in the worst-case scenario, nowhere. Your website’s value gets significantly lowered when your users keep hitting an error page by clicking on a link. As the site owner, it is your responsibility to keep track of your links with the help of tools that are designed to scan for broken links on every page of your website.

You can also engage your SEO team for checking the reason behind such broken links with some of the typical issues being moved webpages, incorrect spelling when adding the link, or forgetting that there are internal links to be changed.

A host of other technical issues associated with link buildup can also lead to issues with broken links. By addressing this issue, you can also point out to the search engines that your site does not offer irrelevant content.

  1. Absence of a mobile-friendly website

One of the most common mistakes that site owners make with their SEO activities involves adapting the devices to mobile phones (or a lack of awareness that prompts them to do so).

Analytics Tell You Your Next MoveToday, a greater number of users on the Internet are from smartphones and tablets which translates to higher site visits from such mobile devices. If your online system is not designed to offer cross-platform functionalities, you stand to drop in the SEO index rankings.

A bad experience for a mobile user translates to a poor ranking on the search engine. Ensure your site gives the correct display and functions properly across mobile devices. There are special tools to help you check the functionalities of your website’s mobile version.

  1. You are not using your web analytics tools

When you don’t use your analytics tools for keeping track of your website performance, your online business stands to get punished severely. Web analytics tools are meant for the SEO professionals to collect, measure, and analyze the data for your website to ensure that it has a clear record.

Use these analytical tools on your website for improving traffic from referral sites. These will also give a clear picture of what drives users to your online business, thereby helping you provide greater focus to your marketing efforts.

For this, the best solution is to get in touch with an SEO expert who will guide you through every web analytics tool required to analyze your website’s insights. You can pick from the plethora of the best of New York SEO Services and get the right people to help you save your website from getting penalized.

It is safe to assume that you don’t want your online business to fall prey to any of these SEO mistakes that stand to cause serious harm to your website and business reputation. Whether you choose to do SEO on your own or hire a professional SEO consultant, make sure these pointers are kept in mind to prevent your site from earning unwanted search engine penalties.

What Motivates Dancers

December 14, 2018 Dancing Arts

Just as we distinguish music from sound, we can distinguish dance from movement. What makes music and dance identifiable is the intention, the motivation behind them. No matter how elegantly someone walks down the street, it is not dancing until they intend it to be; the dancer literally wills a dance into existing, simply by wanting it to exist. Whatever they mean it to be, it is.

Within the dance universe, motivation plays an even larger role. Not only does motivation define dance as more than movement, but it can further define dance within itself. When simplified to the most basic principles, there are only three reasons why a person would choose to execute movement as dance: Abstracts, Audience Experience, and Self Experience.

How Abstract Concepts Can Motivate Dancers

Any dancer who chooses to learn, apply, and follow a technique for the reward of properly learning and executing it is a dancer motivated by abstracts. This dancer strives for flawless technical ability, wanting to refine their movement to match the abstract concept of ‘correct and incorrect,’ and they derive their deepest satisfaction by knowing that they have succeeded. This dancer will thrive through constant and steady improvement, noticed by themselves, their respected peers, or their mentors.

Dancer gets motivation unconsciouslyHow the Audience Experience Can Motivate Dancers

Any dancer who longs to connect with an ‘other’ person and provoke something within that person is a dancer motivated by an audience. This is a common motivation—performance is very closely related to dance—and it can present in many ways.

This dancer could long for their audience’s approval and will work to gain respect or prestige from their audience. In this case, the dancer wants more than just an observer but a powerful connection that will cause the observer to have a positive reaction; this positive reaction is what they thrive on. However, other dancers are driven by audiences whether their reaction is positive or negative. In this case, the dancer is more likely to be in pursuit of art than in positive reinforcements and will thrive when receiving thoughtful and insightful feedback.

How Self-Discovery and Experiences Can Motivate Dancers

Any dancer who dances because of their internal experience is a dancer motivated by themselves and only themselves. This seems to be the rarest of motivations. However, it could be that the many people on Earth who are truly self-motivated keep their dancing only to themselves, and the outside world knows nothing of it.

This dancer will thrive as their dancing teaches them about their own body, psyche, or even how they view the world. The appeal could be a kinesthetic awareness, or a sensual pleasure in feeling the body with precise awareness, or even a cathartic way to experience emotions, but the distinguishing factor is that the dancer’s satisfaction does not rest on the correctness of their movements or any observer.

Why Understanding Motivation Is Important

Understanding motivation is crucial for both the dancer and their instructor (if applicable). Only knowing a person’s motivation for the ongoing study of dance will allow for an effective and efficient path from the given moment to the desired moment. When motivation is clear, proper rewards and punishments can be found—a dancer who falls into the ‘Self Experience’ category may not respond well if their studies are focused on technique. Additionally, a dancer who knows their motivation will have an easier time making choices regarding their training because they will have a well-defined idea of what will fulfill them and what will not.

Effective Relaxation Techniques for Theater Actors

November 12, 2018 Artistry

With daily life schedules being super hectic, human beings are often stressed with work troubles. There are a lot of pointers that hike up the stress levels such as traffic, work not going in the right direction, family problems and jazz. Eventually, if you are constantly stressed, it starts to come out in a wrong way. Here, by the wrong way means it starts affecting your professional life.

The rigors of acting and dancing live can take a toll on theater actorsFor instance, take up the acting industry. If an actor or an actress is constantly stressed, it takes a toll on the performance of the actor or actress. Further, a lot of studies and researches were carried out considering the similar issue. Famous theater practitioners have stated that stress is theatre artist’s best friend. After a deep study conducted on this issue, the pioneer of New York method acting, Lee Strasburg concluded that stress will affect the professional life of a theater person in a very negative way. It stops the artist from giving in their best.

Thus, he developed a stress regime that was particularly focused on elevating stress from the life of actors which is also practiced by young learners at New York City acting campus as well. He paid his full attention to the evaluation of stressed muscles. These were the neck muscles and the face muscles. Scroll through the entire article to unveil the famous stress regime for all the theatre actors to release the tension.

The Concept of Relaxation

The concept of relaxation revolves around the theory of surrender. An extended explanation of the term includes the series of letting go. But the question arises, you should surrender to whom? In life, you need mental peace in your head, and you can only get it when you earn it. By earning, means surrendering.

Thus, you need to surrender yourself in front of mental peace and calmness. Once you do that, the negative thoughts and the attitude of overthinking will flush out of your system automatically.

You will be able to imbibe a sense of trust. Proceeding, letting go means you need not pay heed to useless things. You need to stop judging and let the things flow in your life.

The Stress Regime

  1. Sleep Ready: The simplest one to start of the list. All you need to do is grab a chair with a backrest. Make sure that the chair has got no armrest. Sit in a position similar to your sleep position. Loosen up the arms and let them fall.
  2. Identifying the stressed muscles: The purpose of this step is to identify those muscles, that are stressed out. Move your arms and then stretch them. Rotate the wrists and your fingers. Try to find out the muscles with stress. Try to manipulate the muscles and untangle them.
  3. Take a look at your face: Physical appearance is really important for all the theatre artists. When you are stressed out, the stress comes out on your face. You need to play with your face muscles by making weird faces. For instance, clutch your jaws, put on a fish face, etc. Try to push your face muscles using your fingers as well.
  4. Let go the emotions: Stress has a sneaky way of coming back. You need to pay close attention to the areas, which are often neglected. Sometimes, stress is found in your throat. Try letting it out by making loud voices or by shouting. It releases emotions and in turn, helps in releasing stress
  5. Practice the regimen: When you have gone through the simple exercise of releasing the tension and stress, you will get accustomed to it. Further, you will be able to perform them anywhere, on the stage whenever you are stressed out. This regimen will get rooted in your subconscious head eventually.
  6. Additional exercises: You have a load of things that can help you out in releasing the tension. You can practice yoga or meditation. The problem is, if you have a trouble mid-performance, you won’t be able to clear off the tension. Thus, this 15 minutes regime of simple exercises, can be done anywhere, on the stage as well.
  7. Concentration levels: When you have a messy head, you won’t be able to wrap your head around your performance and the preparation it requires. Once the stress hormones are out of your system, you will feel relieved and unveil the hidden artist in you.
  8.  Make it engaging: Although the entire routine is amazing, over time, if you will do it continuously, it will become monotonous for you. Instead of losing interest in the routine, what you can do is try different ways of making it interesting.
  9. Nerves should be calm to give a focused performanceBreathe in and breathe out: This technique has been suggested by a lot of artists. Even if you have some anger issues, try giving it some time and then calm yourself down by trying out some breathing exercises. The most famous one is to inhale deeply and then hold your breath for a second. Then exhale the breath. Continue doing so for, and you will feel relaxed. The best part about this exercise is that it can be practiced anywhere.
  10. Imagination: When you try to meditate, people tell you that they tried a journey that eased them out. A similar thing is guided imagery. By far, it is one of the well-known techniques. It hits the chord with all of your senses and helps in the clearing of a lot of other problems as well. It helps in flushing out tension, solving a complex problem or signing off from an overactive mind. Consider a hypothetical situation, where you are surrounded by nature, at your favorite place. You are with a special person under the night sky. Imagine your feet feeling the softness of the grass, and you are in love with this person sitting next to you. It takes you through a journey that your subconscious mind curates. Let yourself be for, and you will be able to figure out the grey areas.In a nutshell, here are all the amazing ways to escape from stress hormones in your system and triumph relaxation before going on stage. Now, it is your time to give it a shot and get the results.

Reasons to Take Ballroom Dancing

September 21, 2018 Dancing Arts

With the popularity of television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, ballroom dancing is becoming more popular than it has been in years. However, there are more reasons to take up this hobby than the fact that it is on television.

Intense ballroom dancing moves contribute to exercisePerfect Social Skills through Ballroom Dancing

While some of the older generations were taught how to behave politely in society—saying please and thank you, opening doors for ladies and so on—this is a practice that has lost popularity. Many boys and girls are not taught to act like gentlemen and ladies. They are often left on their own to learn how to relate to the opposite sex.

However, ballroom dancing is an old-fashioned activity and good manners are expected. Far from stodgy, ballroom dancers know how to have a good time and be nice to each other at the same time. They get plenty of chances to practice good manners all night long, which then carries over to everyday life. They also get a lot of practice talking to the opposite sex, learning to feel comfortable with them. Even relationships with the same sex get better. On top of that, dancers meet a lot of other people who have something in common with them: a shared love of dance. Most ballroom dancers like to have fun, and friendships formed in the dance studio often span many years.

Get Physically Fit and Learn Grace while Having Fun

Ballroom dancing is great exercise, burning as much as 327 calories per hour, according to Mayo Clinic. By practicing it on a regular basis (especially in combination with a sensible diet), dancers can expect to lose a little weight and build muscle. They cannot help but become more physically fit in the process—stronger and more cardiovascularly fit as well. This all happens while having so much fun; the dancer doesn’t even notice they are exercising.

With the added strength, improved balance and academic ability to control one’s body, the dancer also learns to be more graceful. They will be able to handle themselves physically better than before in everyday social situations, playing sports, etc. They are less likely to trip or fall, and therefore are less likely to hurt themselves by being clumsy.

Of course, the adage “results may vary,” used for weight loss programs and medications, applies to ballroom dancing as well. We cannot all dance like the world champions, but everyone can gain the physical and social benefits that come with learning to ballroom dance.

The Rise of the Waltz – The First Forbidden Dance

July 20, 2018 Dancing Arts

The waltz and rock and roll have a lot in common. When both dancing styles were first introduced, there was disapproval and even antagonism towards them.

Throughout history, dance has played an important role in society. People in different cultures have used dance as a form of expression, to celebrate an important event or just simply a form of entertainment. The different forms of dance are too numerous to cover in a short time. The waltz was considered to be the first forbidden dance and the beginnings of ballroom dancing.

Waltz depicted in 18th century European paintingsOrigins of the Waltz

Waltz is rooted from German – “walzen” that meant “to roll, turn or glide”. It is danced in ¾ time with a heavy emphasis on the first beat and a fundamental pattern of step-step-close. The proper dance position for the waltz as we know it today is the closed position. Its early beginnings were in the late 17th century. Popular dances of the time were the Weller and the Ländler, which were danced in ¾ time by the peasants of Austria and Bavaria.

This new dance position and the enjoyment the peasants had performing these dances did not go unnoticed by the aristocracy. The waltz evolved through the refinement of these peasant dances. By the 1780’s, the waltz became fashionable in Vienna and spread to many other European countries in the following years.

Opposition to the Waltz

Before this era, the minuet and allemande were popular. The allemande was danced in 2 lines with partners facing each other. The minuet was a square-step dance performed in a rigid and stately manner. These dances were more complex and required a great deal of practice to perform correctly.

The resulting opposition to the waltz from dance masters was predictable since they saw the waltz, whose steps are easily learned, as a threat to their profession.

Critics also opposed the waltz on moral grounds. The closer hold and rapid turning movements were viewed as unseemly and religious leaders regarded it as vulgar and sinful. Continental courts resisted the waltz and acceptance was even slower in England where strict morals were upheld.

The Prince Regent in London included the waltz in a ball given in July 1816. Much of this disapproval came from the older generation. The fact that Queen Victoria was a keen and expert ballroom dancer, who loved the waltz, helped overcome the opposition. During the 1800’s, the waltz became increasingly popular throughout all of Europe.

The waltz was introduced to North America in Boston in 1834, by Lorenzo Papanti, a Boston dancing master. Initial opposition was quickly overcome and the mid-1800’s in America firmly established the dance.

The Waltz Evolving

Music has been very influential in the advancement and acceptance of the waltz. The new waltz melodies had their beginnings in the beer gardens of the early eighteenth century Vienna, as well as the rural inns and taverns situated on the outskirts of Vienna and the banks of the Danube.

Two Austrian composers Franz Lanner and Johann Strauss became popular during the mid- 1800’s. They were both band musicians, and their compositions set the standard for the Viennese Waltz, a fast version of the waltz. This gave the waltz a tremendous boost, with an air of sophistication, and ensured its continuation into the 1900’s.

The waltz is one of many popular ballroom dances. In fact, the waltz became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances. It has endured over the years and is still an enchanting dance.

It is performed primarily at ballroom dances, but also at social functions such as weddings and anniversaries. And how can we forget Dancing with the Stars, a TV reality show which promotes ballroom dancing!

Why not get up off that couch or chair and try a little ballroom dancing!

Nightclub Two-Step and Argentine Tango

June 18, 2018 Artistry

Nightclub two-step is a new American dance created by Buddy Schwimmer. Buddy claims to have invented it with his sister in 1965 when he was 15 years old. Nightclub two-step is typical to popular, medium ballads with a distinctive “shi-shi-boom” (quick-quick slow) drum beat.

Nightclub Two Step and Tango

Nightclub two-step tunes are often used for dancing in Argentine tango style. It is interesting that dance figures used by Argentine tango dancers also work well with nightclub two-step. Perhaps that’s because Argentine tango music and “nightclub two-step” music share a feeling of love, romance, and passion.

The Ocho step in tango (usually done by the follower — where the follower traces a “figure 8” as she steps and pivots) is particularly useful for dancing to nightclub two-step music.

Nightclub Two Step Tunes Useful for Tango

To better understand what is meant by nightclub two-step, you may want to look over the following list of tunes.

If you have a sound card and speaker hooked up to your computer, you can often listen to a 30-second sample of these tunes for free by visiting one of the available online music stores.

In this list, I give the song title first, followed by a dash and then artist. In some cases, there are multiple artists, and only one artist renders the song in true “nightclub two-step fashion.” Sometimes I list the Album title in parentheses. In most cases, I also tell the tempo (speed) of the music by indicating the beats per minute (bpm). It seems that most nightclub two-step songs have a tempo of between 72 and 96 beats per minute. Usually (but not always) there is a strong accent on beats 2 and 4 of the music. Sometimes the accent falls on beats 1 and 3! In every case, though, you will find either “shi-shi BOOM” or “BOOM shi-shi.”

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony – Edwin Marton bpm=96
  • Between You and Me – Jennifer Paige bpm=84
  • A Thousand Years – Sting (Brand New Day) bpm=96
  • It Must Have Been Love – Very Best of Chris de Burgh
  • 2 Become 1 – Spice Girls
  • Everything I Do I Do For You – Bryan Adams bpm=72
  • Amazed – LoneStar, Lonely Grill
  • Because you Loved Me – Celine Dion
  • Be a Man – Aqua bpm=72
  • Be A Man – Tina Arena bpm=96
  • Break of Dawn – Michael Jackson
  • Breathe Again – Tony Braxton
  • Come To Me – Ricky Martin bpm=96
  • She Believes in Me – Kenny Rogers
  • Emotion (New Version) Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Every Time It Rains – Will Downing bmp=72
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (Single Edit) – Bee Gees bpm=84
  • Heartbraker – Bee Gees bpm = 120 (too fast for most?)
  • Inside That I Cried – CeCe Peniston bpm=72
  • Love Me – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Love of My Life – Will Downing bpm=84
  • Love So Right – Bee Gees bmp=84
  • Love You Inside Out – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Never Let You Go – Allure bpm=72
  • On the Inside = Mary Jane Girls bpm=72
  • Real Soon – Will Downing (All The Man Need) bpm=84
  • Shadow Lover – Mary Jane Girls bpm=96
  • Shower the People – Kristine Weitz bpm=96
  • Talk About Us – Jennifer Lopez bpm=96
  • Two Much Heaven – Bee Gees bpm=96
  • Waters Run Deep – Kristine Weltz bpm=84
  • Everything I Do I Do For You – Bryan Adams


Dancing the two stepJust remember when doing nightclub two-step, the creator of the dance, Buddy Schwimmer has suggested that various tango steps be combined with the two-step. This combining of multiple styles makes for a richer dance experience. When dancing nightclub two-step, be creative. Remember it is a nightclub dance — not a ballroom dance. So there is room for a lot of improvisation and creativity. Have fun with it. Don’t limit yourself to a constant quick-quick-slow rhythm. Mix in some steps from Argentine tango!

How to Look Good on a First Date

May 14, 2018 Artistry

It’s your first date: the first chance to make a good impression. Your palms are clammy, your throat is dry, you’ve practiced this scene in your mind a million times before, but still, you feel the butterflies in your stomach. It is the moment you’ve both been waiting for. Depending on how the night goes, this can either be the beginning of all beginnings or the beginning of an end. The right partner will be instantly attracted to the beauty you exude from within.

For sure, you don’t want to commit mistakes on this first meeting. Make this first date memorable and fun with these helpful tips to make a great first impression.

First dates need not to be in a fancy restaurantPrepare Yourself for the Best First Date:

1. Speak loving words

Give yourself that much-needed boost and confidence by appreciating the good things about you, be it your pleasing personality or your almond eyes. There are so many things to be thankful for. You’re a masterpiece!

2. Don’t brush off the small talk

Learning about topics from the daily news, reading noteworthy books, keeping up with trends and trivia will leave a lasting impression on your date. Mastering the art of conversation and keeping the topics interesting requires an arsenal of various topics from world news to some funny stories that happened in the office. Just make sure to vary the subject to avoid being called the “boring date.”

3. Get moving!

Exercise does amazing things to the body and mind. When our bodies are up and about through exercise, so-called happy hormones (endorphins) are released. Not only does this give the needed boost of energy, but it also eases stress and tension. Hit the gym before work to release those endorphins, and have a healthy happy day.

4. Think of others

“Enough about me, let’s talk about you.” Sometimes you can get too caught up in your own stories and opinions, so you tend to forget who you are talking to. Everyone has a story to share, whether boring or interesting. It doesn’t matter, right, because it’s their story. It’s the story that shaped who they’ve become. Listening helps the other person feel acknowledged and essential.

5. Spray on the sunshine

Apply your signature fragrance that reveals a bit about who you are, whether romantic, fun, fierce, friendly or flirty. But don’t overdo it. Use the same scented products to achieve a lasting smell that comes with the lasting memory of your first date.

Dressing up for the occasionWear the Part on Your First Date:

1. Dress to impress

Don’t dare go on your first date looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed with the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis. Show a bit of respect for your date and yourself by wearing appropriate clothes, where you feel most comfortable and confident in. Also, make sure that even if it’s just sneakers, they should be neat and clean.

2. Bring your personality to life

Accessorize! Carefully choosing your accessories can bring out hints of the amazing person you are. Mix and match colored scarfs, varying length, and shaped necklaces, and try different rings for each finger.

3. Tame that mane

Choose a trendy hairstyle that fits your face shape and emphasizes your best facial feature. Looking great begins with a gorgeous haircut. So, make sure to pick one that will look great no matter the weather.

4. Use beautiful four eyes

Wearing glasses shouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact, these can be attractive to some people. Glasses can make you look smarter and more professional. Make sure to choose the right frames that fit and flatter the shape of your face.

5. Attention!

Standing straight and maintaining good posture can make you look taller, skinnier and more confident. Having proper posture aids in proper breathing while keeping your abs and butt firm. Keep your head straight, relax the shoulders, and stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

6. Find the best look for you

Get in the know of the latest trends in makeup and hairstyles. Search for expert advice right before the big date. Ask your local salon for best hair for you. Makeup shops in malls like Peach & Lily can help you choose which colors and strokes would work best for your facial features. Maybe you’ll discover that your eyes pop with a certain product or method of application. Try the recommendations and see what work best for you.

7. Put in the Zzzzs

Make sure you’ve had enough rest just before the big day. Beauty rest wasn’t called that for anything. Having enough sleep keeps you looking fresh and glowing.

Each first date is an opportunity to shine. Looking great begins with feeling great from within. Your date will immediately see the inner beauty and confidence in you. Make the best of the encounter with these easy steps which are sure to make a lasting impression on your date.

Things That You Can Do Right Now to Make You a Better Singer

April 25, 2018 Voice Arts

Singing is one of the most celebrated talents, with many people throughout history praising the best singers of any given generation. But singing is also a very competitive industry to be in, with many talented singers entering the industry from all around the world. So, if you are a singer, you need to make sure that you always go to great lengths to upgrade your skills. You can’t remain stagnant and think that you still “got it.”

Vocal training entails discipline and dedicationThe most popular singers in the world are known for their rigorous training, and they never stop practicing to improve their craft. So, if you want to continue being the excellent singer that you are known for, do not stop upgrading your skills. Do not think that just because you are already popular, you can sit back and let the praises shower on you. Always think that many singers from all over the world are competing for that same spot, so remember to keep your feet on the ground.

There are many things that you can do to become a better singer, and it is not all about the skill. You also have to watch your diet, lifestyle, and habits to give you the best of health that you need. Singing, especially professional singing, is a strenuous activity. So, you must never forget to take care of yourself when you are pursuing this passion or undergoing intense vocal training.

You don’t have to have surgery or to enroll in expensive classes to improve your singing skills. You need dedication, patience, and hard work to make things work out for you. You also need your close family and friends’ support so you can pursue your craft with the fewest hurdles as possible.

Here are some of the things that you can do right now to make you a better singer:

1. Watch your diet and lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle contribute a lot as to how you can maintain your health as a singer. Your vocal chords are not the only ones that you need to protect. Aside from these, you need to protect your overall health because singing is an incredibly strenuous activity. In fact, many singers attest to singing being even more challenging than running or any cardiovascular activity. It is because you don’t only exercise your vocal chords when you sing, you also consume your entire body and mental energy. You have to be fully aware of what you are doing to sing the right tunes and along the same notes. Aside from these considerations, you also have to think of other factors like pitch and melodies, all the while supporting your vocal chords.

Singing icons like Madonna maintain physical activities to improve vocal performanceThese are the reasons why you need to take care of your body if you are pursuing singing professionally. Your vocal chords’ health is no different from your overall health, so you need to ensure that you are following a holistic lifestyle to make things work out for you.

As for your diet, eating clean is key to improving your health. Eat more of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. If you are a singer, you must avoid at all costs foods laden with sugar, dairy, oil, synthetic flavoring, and artificial coloring. Avoiding these can do wonders for your health as these must not have any place in your body. These foods do not do any good for your health; in fact, these only cause more problems as these clog your body with toxins that are difficult to get rid of.

Apart from sugar, dairy, oil, synthetic flavoring, and artificial coloring, you must also avoid cold, salty and spicy foods as these do more harm on your vocal chords. It may become hard for your vocal chords to recover if you eat these foods as these put a toll on your body. So, if you can, try your best to avoid these kinds of foods.

It will not be easy especially if you love sweets and cold drinks; however, the sacrifice is worth it in the long run. You get to avoid injury, and you get to strengthen your vocal chords. Also, you don’t put too much pressure on your body and vocal chords by following the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes.

Aside from going for fresh foods, make sure you get to exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes a day), and you get to sleep early and within the duration that you are comfortable with. Avoid going for late nights as doing so abuses your body in ways you can never imagine. And with late nights comes alcohol, which is something that you must avoid, too, as it can be detrimental to your vocal chords.

2. Having a set practice time every day

Saying that you will practice every day is one thing, but saying that you will practice every day at 8 PM is another, with the latter showing commitment. It is easy to forego practice if you don’t develop a habit for it, so you must be able to establish that by sticking to a set time every day. If you fail to be consistent with your practice, you will never get far with your voice training.

These are the affordable things that you can do right now to make you a better singer. Applying these to your life can improve your skills in no time.